Villages and sightseeing in Paros

Places worth visiting while in Paros

Agairia (Αγκαιριά) is located 14 km south of Parikia.

It is the largest village in the south of Paros. It has a community clinic.

Aliki (Αλυκή), is located 16km south of Paros and 2 km from Agairia.

It is a Tourist center with nice and large beach.

Abelas (Αμπελάς), 16km north east of Paros

with a beatiful beach and traditional fish-taverns.

Drios (Δρυός) situated 25km

south west of Parikia is a green area with freshly running waters and a beautiful beach. Opposite to Drios, is a small island, Drionisi, suitable for fishing.

Leukes (Λεύκες)

is the most beautiful village of Paros built on a hill, with nice white houses, wonderful old churches and monasteries. It is worth visiting the 16th century monastery of St. John of Kaparos.

Marathi (Μαράθι), 5km each of Parikia.

Next to the village lie the ancient quarries of the Parian marble, which was used by many sculptures during the classical era, to create their masterpieces.

Marpissa (Μάρπισσα) (or Tsipidos), 16km south east of Parikia.

Picturesque village with monasteries. Remarkable is the church of the Transfiguration and and St. John the Baptist. Logovardas Monastery, 5km north east of Parikia. It was built in the 17th century and has beautiful frescoes and a library.

Naousa (Νάουσα), 11km north east of Parikia.

It is one of the most picturesque harbors in the Aegean sea with a Venetian castle ruins, and a Byzantine Museum.

Petaloudes (Πεταλούδες).

7 km north of Parikia. It owes its name to the many butterflies that live nearby during the summer months.

Prodromos (Πρόδρομος)

, is a nice village loacated 15km east of Parikia. It owns it’s name to the church of Prodromos (St. John the Baptist) which was built during the 17th century bc.

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Places worth visiting while in Paros